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Exclusive Independent Escort

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Caprice arrived on time dressed elegantly. She looks way better in real life than in the already gorgeous photos on her website. I could feel my excitement increasing as we got acquainted over a drink in the hotel bar before retiring to her room upstairs. She made me feel completely at ease, as is if I were enjoying a wonderful evening out with my girlfriend that would end in night of passion. Caprice has a fantastic body with natural boobs, pert nipples and gorgeous pussy lips. She gave me a deep kiss and I was already rock hard by the time she started stroking me and giving me a sensational BJ. She knew just how far to take me, pulling back from the brink before starting on me again. Her pussy was hot, wet and sticky as I oraled her until she was moaning. We continued to kiss, stroke and lick each other. I licked and stroked her pussy until she came and then she slowly straddled me, rocking back and forth until I exploded inside her. Afterwards she gave me such a relaxing massage before turning me over and starting on me all over again. I have seen her several times since that encounter and each meeting has been as sensational as the first.

 (S.L. from London) 

There is something very special about Caprice that sets her apart from other women. It is a certain je ne sais quoi that is impossible to put your finger on, but makes a huge impression on you. She has charisma, class, carries herself well, is very sexy, and during the time I was with her made me feel like I was the single most important person in the universe. I was in Hong Kong on a short business trip and was lucky enough to book her several days in advance. We started our time in the rooftop bar of my hotel with a drink and conversation, then down to my hotel room for the real fun. I requested a short black dress and fine lingerie. She met both requests looking extremely sexy in the dress (which did not stay on long), and underneath wearing a La Perla lace set that had me completely aroused. A gentleman is not supposed to kiss and tell, so I will say only that she was a true professional in bed, knows exactly what a man wants, and is not shy about pleasure. I extended my time from a two-hour booking to three hours, and my only regret was that I did not book her for the whole night.

 (R.B. from San Francisco)

To begin at the beginning; or at least at the point which led me to commit these words that you see now. You find me in an area of North-Eastern Australia as a guest of close friends, enjoying the last week of an extended holiday that has encompassed a variety of adventure and intrigue. Considering my journey home under the intense heat of the tropical climate I have enjoyed and endured, I look towards my flight plans for a return home via Singapore. The itinerary allows me one night and day in South-East Asia’s pre-eminent economic supercity, and I long to spend this time in the company of a beautiful woman. So I endeavour to search the worlds most powerful communication network, looking for what I hope will provide the final flourish to a journey that has so far surpassed all before it. Though I am soon left disheartened by my search, becoming ever more anxious as to the authenticity of the people behind a variety of classified adverts. Growing in the feeling that what I am searching for is confined only to mythology, I begin to try and accept that I will be without the final climactic event that I seek; with only the hitherto events to reflect on. Mercifully, however, by chance or by fate I stumbled upon the page that we find ourselves now. It was within mere moments of finding Caprice’s website that I had completed and sent her screening form. Certain that this was what I had been searching for all along, I eagerly anticipated her response. Almost as quickly as my fortunate discovery had been made, I was engaging in the arrangement of our soon-to-be encounter. With everything agreed upon in a timely and courteous manner, I began to ponder with ever more excitement our upcoming meeting. Having checked in to the luxurious hotel that Caprice had recommended, I tried to relax in my newfound decadent surrounds, attempting to stave off the nervous energy that was building to a crescendo. 

Arriving at 9pm as agreed, Caprice entered my room and we exchanged pleasantries, as I worked to contain my delight at her entrance she took a shower to prepare for our evening. I was left to ponder the knowledge that mythical beings are not only confined to Mythos. Having both readied ourselves we left the hotel hands locked walking towards the ‘Gardens by the Bay’. As we sauntered towards our first destination we got to know a little more of each other, and I found myself completely at ease in her company. Arriving at the gardens we were treated to a light show of ethereal qualities, and as Caprice gently lowered herself into my arms I found myself to be experiencing something synonymous. Enjoying the romance of our first collection of moments together, we decided to head to a Skybar. Each with cocktail in hand we took a seat that overlooked the Singapore skyline, sharing warm conversation as we were buffeted by the steady breeze that cut through the humidity of our environment and encounter. Lighting up a cigarette I could feel my own senses burning like the hot ash that was falling into an ashtray below, drawing on the smoke purposefully and exhaling softly into the night sky I could feel our chemistry growing, becoming tangible. As the night drew late we returned to the grandeur of our hotel. Taking a shower I could feel the cool water tempering my hot skin, soothing my body before I lay on the bed waiting for my partner to emerge. Caprice had brought an exquisite selection of outfits, all of which perfectly complemented her delicate figure. As she appeared framed in a set of enchanting french lingerie, I could feel the way the light lace gently caressed her perfectly toned soft body. Embracing, we engaged in the throes of passionate ecstasy, enjoying the mutually pleasurable efforts of our tactile engagement. After showering together whereby we furthered our shared physical understanding, we slunk softly onto the bed coupled together as we drifted to sleep… WAKING ABRUPTLY I could feel sweat sticking to my body, as though I was roused from some terrible nightmare. I’m not sure why I woke in such a manner, perhaps it was the memory of the wild Australian crocodiles? The encounters in the rainforest that I had so feared. What ever the reason for my apparent terror I couldn’t say, but if I had been stirred from a nightmare I had certainly entered into a dream, feeling Caprice’s gentle touch on my head as she soothed my agitation. Again we embraced and any negative feeling that had found its way upon me quickly evaporated, as I learned again to enjoy my companions gentle nature and attentive manner. Connecting again and interlocking like pieces of a pendant lost to each other for generations, I returned to a more fruitful slumber.

As morning broke we decided to carefully make our way down into the dining hall to consume the variety of breakfast offerings. Dressed simply in a comfortable collection of sunglasses, jeans and a t-shirt Caprice remained the epitome of elegance, with even such a simple set of clothes not failing to betray her beauty. Watching her glide delicately over the hard marble floor below, it was as if I was seeing someone floating above the ground rather than making the comparative thuds of those stepping around us. This delicate ballet, quite out of sorts with the mundane nature of our current direction, exemplified the way she can inject colour into any situation. Having taken our first meal of the day we moved for a swim at the rooftop pool. Frolicking together in the water, repeating a scene practised for generations by lovers the world over. As had been the case for our time together thus far, everything felt completely natural between us. There were no uncomfortable pauses or stilted conversations, that have blighted so many other engagements between two would-be partners. Tiring from our exertions in the pool we took position on a set of sun loungers, lying back in the total comfort of each others presence. As the twilight of our time together began to draw closer on the distant horizon, Caprice took the opportunity to recover some energy and engage in a brief sleep, whilst I headed out in search of lunch. Finding myself on the busy streets below I wandered in a trance like state, a hunger gripping my stomach as I set about finding something to sate my appetite. Was this hunger for sustenance, for food? or for the warm embrace of my new companion? Certainly after I had eaten there remained a sense of unfulfilment, so I quickly returned in search of Caprice. My stomach settled then as we were reunited. But the drawing near of my departure from this place, my flight away from this location and the occasion began to hang high like a dark cloud in the sky.

Our final moments together were spent delving ever deeper into each others psyche, learning more about the people who had just shared this rapturous liaison. As it had been from the moment we first came together, conversation with Caprice was insightful and well-informed. Her ability to communicate on many levels is surely one of her greatest skills. Before she left me to pack my belongings and board my flight, we shared one final passionate kiss. I watched as she moved deftly towards the hotel elevator, my emotions mixed as we finally parted and the intensity of the past 24 hours moved to a soft close. As I complete my catharsis in collecting these words together I am left with nothing but an overwhelming sense of positivity about the time I shared with Caprice. It was the perfect end to an escape that had taken in so much, with the events I have just described almost totally eclipsing those that had come before it. Even outdoing my own expectations as to the ‘Grand Finale’ that I had so feverishly sought. And now, my thoughts turn to you, the reader. Perhaps you are in similar position as to the one I found myself, in what feels like a lifetime ago amongst the Australian heat. So I wonder, if you harboured any doubt before reading this- do you now?

 (J.J. from England)

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