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Exclusive Independent Escort

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see your photos?

All my photos are in Members area. For my protection, I put them in my Members Gallery. To become a member kindly fill in The Screening Form first. If you want to see my selfies, please view my twitter and instagram.

Are you real? Can I have your face photos?

I’m really used to being told ‘you are better than the photo!’. Yes yes yes I am the girl in the photo. Check my selfies on twitter I am the girl who provides all content on this website. You will see the real live barbie doll just pop out of the pictures in front of you. Plus, you can check out my face once you become member.

What services you do in 2h?

So this question absolutely turns me off. ‘Don’t ask, just book me’
I believe we cannot possibly meet if you ask a question like this. Please read further down below.
It is your job to spend your time and find it and be well informed. But to be honest, I dislike the type of person who could ask a question like this to a lady. Of course you may tell me what you seekingBut from my experience, seldom do I meet a client who ask this.

What type of payment do you prefer?

Cash in an unsealed envelope is my preference. You can be informed about payment instruction in the on the Etiquette page.

Do you do natural blowjob?

No, since I value my health the most. But I do blowjob ‘with a condom’ (CBJ) this is my speciality. Trust me, I have rock solid reputation concerning my blowjob service. We can both be happy and enjoy it without worrying about STD’s.

Where are you from?

One of the most FAQ, go back to the Home page and read carefully. Yes, I am Korean, from South Korea. A real one. Not like others who fake their nationality, you can trust me.

Do you do anal?


Can I pay later? you don’t trust me? let’s go ATM after.

No, never. Payment upfront or I will disappear like David Copperfield. I will not be happy about it and feel like I am being duped. It is RAPE if you have sex with an escort WITHOUT payment.

Multi shots possible?

Yes, within our time.

Do you provide incall or outcall?

Normally I provide both but depends on the city and country. Sometimes I only do outcall.

I don’t like to do screening, can I call you instead?

From lots of experience, I decided not accept phone calls from new potential clients. Because some of them try to phone sex or wind up wasting my time by endless questions.

Do you do PSE? (Porn Star Experience)

FYI, I don’t do anal, fisting, CIM, BBBJ, fingering. I provide ‘GFE’ and I practice in the safest possible way for both me and my dear client. Although I do it safely, I can be your porn star! Why not? and what’s the difference between GF and PS? I can be a wild girl as long as it is within the boundaries of mutual content and safe sex.

Do you do unprotected sex?

No! Of course not! No natural oral, no sex without condom.

1hr booking first, then can I extend the time?

Yes. But PLEASE you need to prepare CASH $$$ NOT a credit/debit card. From my experience, 90% of my clientele like to have the time extended. One gentleman had already prepared cash in order and paid me from his pocket even though I didn’t say anything. Yes, Please do not make me feel awkward. Hope you know what I mean. I don’t want to hassle you asking ‘darling the time is up, would you like to extend? Time to pay’ Don’t make me say like this. I don’t want to ruin the romantic moment. So just be cool! Think easy. 2hrs booking is ideal in a first rendezvous and if you enjoy social talking.

How you want me to pay at public place? (restaurant, lounge, hotel lobby)

If you would like to meet me at a public place directly, I may ask 50% deposit in advance because we don’t want to look so obvious handing over money in a public area. Or if you insist without a deposit, kindly prepare little shopping(gift)bag and put the money envolope inside and give it to me immediately. I don’t count the cash but may ask how much is in it?

Are you an agency or independent?


Tell me the safest way to provide my details to you.

Okay, please copy your business card/ID, together with a note written to show the date of the day you submit it together with my initials ‘CL’. Then we are both are safe and happy.

 I am reluctant to give you too many details about myself, can we meet at a hotel lobby or cafe first?

No verification, No encounter.
For my protection, I have to ask you to provide legitimate info about yourself and 50% deposit. Then I will be comfortable to meet you. Again, it is ‘ME’ who gets control of the situation. Just popping in to meet up at a public place without any information and zero deposit would be the last thing I would do. I have stated that your information is confidential and I delete it routinely. And out of curiosity, what do you think I could do with your details?

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