I do many things a day come to think of it. At first, I have had family time after my arrival. South Korea got attacked by the virus and I became panic too. So there was a time I shut down everything and just chill out. Now it became ‘pandemic’ and I’m still at a loss too but many clients reached and worried about me which have been supportive. And I’d like to share how do i spend my time these days.

  1. work out at home- I do home training at least 3 times a week, 2hrs daily. 30min stretching, 90min cardio exercise. With the youtube from a smart tv. Yoga matt is always my best friend.
  2. cook healthy organic food- I gain some weight ūüėĚ would you still love me though? Lol
  3. clean the house after cook-not funny but ought to do and time-consuming! I respect all the janitors!
  4. talk with fellow sex worker- very supportive and a little but precious oasis in my daily life.
  5. search and watch ‘nutritious’ channel on youtube
  6. Then watch netflix if i still so boring
  7. Don’t feel guilty of doing nothing- long bath, sleeping a lot, just take a walk..