I have kind of neglected my own website with the excuse of the coronavirus..which now became pandemic.In the mid Feb. I have back to my country, South Korea which became one of the safest countries amid pandemic 😉 and during prepared my next tour to Taiwan, a massive spreading happened in here and my country had been virtually barred almost all of the countries..it led me to panic and I confess I was at a loss for a while.

Now I am fine, got energy back and South Korea government doing their job splendidly! I feel safe to be in my country, feel being protected although there’s a lack of freedom to do understandable. It’s not the end of the day I miss the spring flower this year, it’s totally fine to miss the beach this time..my bro’s wedding has been postponed too.

I was bored, so I bought a laptop computer for stock trading. Mostly I lost except a few stocks. 😂 but it’s ok I just consider it as a lesson fee and perhaps I better not to jump into it now. I’ve got a small fun from pharmaceutical ones, especially for coronavirus testing kits. As the pandemic spreader in the USA, the Korean stock market became messed up and no one knows what’s the bottom so I decided to pause it.

And I spent some time almost 2weeks in the countryside where even no wifi was available. It was quite a challenge but on the other hand, I could empty my head and relax. I really like to stay away from electronic devices and maybe this is why I’m not really a successful entrepreneur 😂 . There was a puppy and I spent time with her most of the time…puppies are lovely creatures…

Come to think of it, there are not many people that I’ve contacted in person. Obviously I have close with my parents, puppy. Occasionally go to the grocery store but this one might be a close social contact too since many ppl in the market. And yes, I wear a mask without exception.

I had been acknowledged the hazard of this kind of contagious virus..actually not many people resonated me at first place. My advice and worry about wearing a mask easily became marginalised, ignored..with saying ‘it’s like a flu! the media intimidates ppl!’

In this situation, you have a duty to stay at home, and even..shouldn’t be sick. Ironically, going to the hospital is the most dangerous thing to do amid pandemic.

Anyway, still time goes and I recently renewed my website’s hosting contract. I thought I need to take care of my own website nevertheless. I need to keep sane and stay tuned with preparing the future.

I’m going to post about how to spend my time at home these days on the next blog post.