I have phoned my parents for asking could I back to their house and stay there for a while and immediately got a response that of course yes, come and stay whenever you’d like, do whatever you like to. I really appreciated it and my eyes were torn. Have wandered around the overseas for many many years and finally back in here…I have never had someone who greeted me at the airport until this time. My father covered me with a winter coat as soon as he found me…

I am staying at my parent’s apartment which i spent most of my childhood, school days. My parents are staying at their other property. My mum prepared some food for me. I am still tired, i always cannot sleep well when in a different place.

South Korea is cold and dour at the moment. But I have to keep doing something. Especially my phone is ringing all the time for enquiry. I have to plan the tours ahead..especially the United States..pricy country. Still not 100% confident for US yet but ain’t give up…yet.

Recently I finally got approved by p411. Gotta make an account soon. Just lazy right now. really lazy.

Although my body is tired but mentally im okay. But feel a bit afraid and not secured from something time to time. Cannot write in here.

Gotta adjust to the system of south Korea so firstly I have ordered a new laptop for window browsing. Actually my bro bought it for me. I gotta pay him back…Thank to God that i have a family… realizing that there’s no one but my family who shared the blood who would look after me. This is my conclusion so far right now. I am a black sheep in my family. My mum even asked me ‘you will attend your brother’s wedding?’ which means she concerns about my presence. And I understand her. She might feel humiliated about me to the public. Somehow I ain’t feel annoyed at all.

From now on I gotta write a blog as often as possible. I am a woman who got tons of stories to tell. But honestly not so proud about it due to my basic writing skill ūüėā