These days I am very much enjoying my daily life. It seems quite chaotic outside but somehow im calming..

I am taking care of myself, my body exactly. Decided to eat more than 1meal a day for my body immune system just in case..

And I do some yoga, take a walk outside God I really fond of sweating by workout. And Im grateful that I could do some exercises now.

I’ve got to know the big thing for me which is a truth and that immediately releases me. The fact that I am actually not just my body. The emotions, thinkings that come up suddenly are actually not me. I just am experiencing this world of 3rd dimension via this body…

I found myself that I am actually infinite love. And I need to remind it myself so that I never forget it in any circumstances.

Suddenly I realized i need no one, not necessary to seek anyone anymore..

The answer is all inside my mind. And my mind can be expanded infinitely.

From now on I will be an observer of myself all the time and just accept and feel all the emotions that comes up suddenly. It’ll melt into the infinity..

I gotta remember that this body ain’t actually the real me but just like a mask for living in this world. The real me is pure love..consciousness.