I was told I have a fate of dragon. Actually I have two dragons in me. And dragon ūüźČ is suppose to live as a wide scale. Like nearby the ocean like my hotel view right now or any spacious place. I was suggested to go East side of USA like NYC. But Im afraid about it. Ain’t agree NYC will be ideal city for me though. Dragon is beloved by many ppl esp by chinese but I don’t really crazy about it. Cause dragon should be fly fly high above the sky for a success. My life had been like a locked dragon so far.

I was told I will be engaged this yr and get married next yr. Or finally get married when my age turned 40. And a new lover at age 49

So I am very much curious about my future husbandūüėÜ

I have never thought of deceiving how was my life to the man I would consider seriously. Actually I haven’t had any relationship for a long time. I would tell everything to him cause i ain’t feel guilty at all and I wanna be honest woman always.

I was told i got a destination of being a tycoon. Big hand. I actually couldn’t believe it at first but very felt very happy and reliving to be heard! I actually do not really worry about the money. Cause I believe money is flourish in my life like that ocean..asset is high like that big mountain..

I was told live like a hidden noble and don’t come down so, I follow that instruction, continuing my lifestyle hahahahaha

But i always wish I got an trustful adviser nearby me. I am actually got a sweet nature..I easily trust ppl..

This year I will make a company of mine and be an official entrepreneur.

Need to think about the name of company and date of establishment.

(please don’t say be punctual on grammar or sth folks..I am writing blogs with pretty fast speed, I will trim em later on)