Since the 2nd or 3rd of December suddenly I’ve got severe dizziness. Some of the days so far I almost lie down on the bed the whole day. Today I feel better. And I believe and have to ūüôā cause I wanna live my life fully.

Currently taking medication for that and thank god I could get it easily here in Thailand. The pharmacist understood well my symptoms..

My head was like spinning from inside and I got fatigued when I get up suddenly.

Anyway during I fighting with my dizziness, I felt like, I wanna be loved, be taken care of from someone nice..whom I could trust..

Never had such a dizziness like this in my life. I eat well, sleep enough. My assumption is i might not slept well at a hotel during I toured around on November and in flights too. I mostly slept on the plane without neck pillow. That might affect my dizziness by lack of blood flow to my head.

Due to my weak condition, I am considering to hire a maid for my flat in Bangkok, I just need someone to assist me. The maid cost might be 600B~1,000B for one bedroom flat, but I even ain’t enough money for that since I have no thai money income in here ūüėČ

Today I gotta go for exchange money. What a hilarious! Wish I had Thai local clients.

Last month I have had clients in Bangkok but got paid by USD.