Almost every night between 8~11pm no exception thunderstorms in Bangkok, literally with white lights as if like fireworks followed by heavy rain. So strong rain sound I’ve ever heard in my life.

Let me clarify first, I like Thailand I like Bangkok perhaps I might be happier at a secluded island in the southern part of Thailand but I don’t wanna go alone. I wish I have a boyfriend..definitely not like a fuck buddy nor FWB but a sincere boyfriend who loves me, willing to take care of me.

Yes, I am grateful to be here however right now I feel extremely lonely.

It’s because of the gap between my dream and real life.

I wanna live like a princess in here but Thai money is running out of it cause I ain’t get money in here. What I earn are dollars. USD, SGD, HKD, AUD to my bank account as donations from honorable clients. I feel foul whenever I have to exchange the dollar to thai money.

I don’t wanna sell myself to anybody, I don’t want to waste myself. I wanna respect my body and soul. Hence, I mostly reject the booking request here and naturally no income. I am so poor princess Lol

I feel bored short hr encounter with a client. 2hrs or 90min. Some boring talking and sex..shower..and some talk again and bye-bye. I am happy with the money I get but just the whole thing became boring to me.

At least I wanna do a lunch date with a client. Not because I am greedy about having a cuisine(I eat one meal a day) I just wanna relax i without thinking about the time. Or at least maybe 3hrs with a glass of champagne ūü•ā

I should stop thinking and move my arse, make myself from head to toe like a princess and gotta go out to such as..central embassy..but I’m afraid I got energy for that.

I am not a drinker, weak at alcohol hence seldom go hotel bar either.

And I don’t even to dating app. I’m just not into it.

I am so secluded and hermit. I wish I just had one lover who takes care of me, support with a generous allowance.

People who know me well know that I’m very dedicated to one person. Not shagging around like a promiscuous girl.

I am also thinking about staying in Singapore during the winter season, Dec, Jan, Feb. But I concern if I could afford the rent&living cost.

On the contrary, I would definitely live in Singapore If I could afford the living cost of that city.