This week I have often sunk into melancholy..not like a sorrow but just when I catch myself thinking of  unbelievable news from my country.

 A young BEAUTIFUL lady I’ve ever seen in my life..was found dead in her house.

 At first it just made me freeze and I  couldn’t believe it…so I just waited one more day..hoping it was a fake news.

 One day, two days, three days I wish it were not a true but…

 And I still couldn’t believe it and no words..

 She was so exceptionally beautiful and seemed no one predicted or understood her pain..if so, she mighthave had a healing time of her own..

 Hate that ppl hate the entertainment industry (which is same as brutal pimp!) hate all BS who bullied her..

 I just hate that country.

 I was just felt so suffocated during my staying there..suddenly I was like my soul had gone away..

 I can’t even imagine how on earth how much deep pain she was in when she took her life..

 The difference between me and her is, I left that country and try to live my own life..

 She could have left that country ato be free and fly high like a dragon..

 Rest In Peace..beautiful angel…

 Don’t be born in South Korea again…Be free and beloved always in next life…

 Endless hugs to you…