Have my laptop, two phones and wallets nearby me sitting on the couch for 3hrs this morning doing business. I am recovering quickly (I believe) from my mind sickness and can concentrate on documenting things now. Plus I am doing 1 meal a day fast so I have more time and a clear mind for brainstorming. But now I am hungry. 3~4hrs consecutive working is hard.

 I have so many stories that I’d like to share. I met a Candy recently, a small puppy, maybe 3kg?, abandoned on the road, while driving and took her. I assume she was just abandoned by previous her owner as her  white fur is flawlessly clean!  We got her to the clinic for  a shot to prevent disease. She’s badass like me, expresses her emotions, is clever, knows how to get nice meal for herself,  bla bla bla For the first time in my life I have a dog.  I’m realizing a dog is like a person too.