This morning weathercast announced the hurricane is coming up from Philippine to the Korean peninsula steadily next week. Now whole days rain this week and typhoon will be smashing according to the radar.

For a tour, I prepare lots of details. I go to many beauty salons. I treat myself from head to toes literally from head-dye and trimming my hairs and until pedi cares. But it’s not funny to hang out in this rainy season plus, 12,13,14 September is second big national holiday in Korea. Nevertheless, I wanted to go to Singapore but typhoon makes me afraid to do a flight.

In July, I took the budget flight from South Carolina to Washington DC and stuck on the plane for many hrs due to thunderstorms. It was such a nightmare.. so from DC, I traveled by bus or train.

After deep consideration, I emailed to prebooked clients and explained the situation and my concern and added willing to refund the deposit. Thankfully, most clients agreed to rearrange with me. I offered them discounts as apology and appreciation. I am an ethical woman ūüėČI feel I couldn’t be more sorry when I have to rearrange tour dates. Feel sorry wholeheartedly.

So, safely I gotta go to Singapore on 23rd September week. Hopefully, I could meet many suitors ‚̧ԳŹ