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London - New York - Paris - Monaco - St Tropez - Miami - Singapore - Dubai - Worldwide


Independent Travel Companion

For more satisfaction and making spectacular rendezvous, I wish for

you to take your time to read below. Especially if you ever do this first time in your life, please..it is must.








Let's clarify first,

What you will compensate me is about my time to be your companion, not service. Therefore what I do and what you seeking for is not illegal. You and me will respect each other without feeling guilty, be discriminalization.


Principle Briefing

- Last minute booking is impossible.

- Introduce about you a little bit when you contact. Caprice is selective.

- My gift is not negotiable.


 When You Make Contact

As the old saying goes first impressions last! You can contact me via 1)whatsapp, 2)email or fill in the 3)screening form found here. Personally, the 'screening' form the is best form of contact and makes things quick and easy for us both. But the choice is up to you. We can even discuss our meeting via direct phone call by arranging the time in advance.


When you first contact me please start with a 1)greeting and kindly give me a little 2)information about yourself, then give me the 3)booking details - the time and date, duration, the hotel name, address (or the location of your residence), don't be shy to ask me about your 4)special requests for example black lingerie with suspenders and 5)instructions of access (essential, ex. meet in the lobby or bar or concierge assistance)


You won't get my response if you drop the message like below or any single sentence.

- available?/r u avail?

-hi, hey

- free?/free tonite?

- I'd like to see you

- what do you offer?

- how much?

- any photo?

- where are you from? /where is your hotel?


To do so, rest assured you will never get your message read and will automatically end up being deleted. Keep your email and text simple and respectful, include your contact phone number and best time to call, spelling and punctuation counts.


-If you are lazy with your text, Caprice will be a lazy girl towards you too.


-You won't get or receive my services list, instead please mention what you looking for, special request.


-I will not waste my time, I am a very acute woman, I am selective in accepting a client. All I want is your basic manners, please show me respect and it will be returned and rewarded.


-I am fluent in English. I feel terribly sorry I can't speak french nor chinese so I will kindly ask you "can you speak English?" "can you write your text in english for me?" right from the start.


Caprice is very proficient in returning respectful emails. You should generally get a response within 24hours. Escorts are very busy, like everyone else, they have a personal life and run their own business, just because she doesn't reply to you right away, doesn't mean bad news. If you have no response after 48 hours, you may try once more as sometimes emails do get deleted by mistake or overlooked in her junk mail box.


For making a booking, we can discuss our time and session freely but that does not mean Caprice will allow or wants you to start 'sexting', naughty plays will be allowed only during the session after pay in order.


Cancellation policy

Caprice takes deposit 50% for secure the booking in case of international tour, cancellation fee is 50% within a week ahead of actual booking. So if you cancel suddenly even without deposit, you are requested to reimburse her 50% as cancellation fee.


Deposit Policy

I will request some deposit in case of:

- long distance

-overseas booking/touring

-travel companion

- long length booking

- If you have a history of cancelling on me last time

- In any case if I feel uneasy with you


Deposit Methods

-Bank transfer

-Western union

-(enquire with discretion)


Le Rendez-Vous Avec Caprice

Two things: Hygiene and financing.


Nothing can be stressed more here than be clean and well groomed. Prepare fresh linen, clean towels for her. Be freshly showered, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and please be dressed. Bath robe is ok. Caprice may ask you to wash your hands before sensual play. She has a terrific habit of washing her hands often, so she will ask you to use your bathroom for her freshen up too.


Be level headed, alcohol and drug free, Caprice is not a drinker and is 100% drug free and cigarette free. Please make sure you let her know at the initial contact that you would like to have a glass of wine at the encounter, you may ask her preference. We can enjoy of course, a glass of champagine with some conversation, but falling down drunk or drugged out is a bad idea. Caprice will politely ask you to end the meeting immediately if the booking starts off that way or goes that way.


Expect to sit and chat for a little bit to break the ice. Have a glass of water, or soft drink. However, don't be put off if she refuses alcoholic beverages nor push the issue. Smile, respect it and have something else.


If you are keen to get to started, let her know.


Financing must be made within 5 minutes of meeting. Normally it happens in hotel room however in case we meet at a bar, naturally put the money envolop on the table with a blink. Caprice asks financing first even at a bar and kindly let her check the envelop at the lady's room.


Be a considerate client by having the fee in an envelope in plain sight. Caprice may excuse herself and go to the bathroom to check all is in order. Or she may not check. She just knows. Don't be paranoid by the envelope, Caprice doesn't mind without it of course.


During Our Rendezvous


Let me warn you first, it is RAPE if you force me to have sex WITHOUT pay in order. Also, if you are pushing me to do any sexual behavior WITHOUT my acceptance or which is my taboos, (ex. if you sneakly remove condom during sex, if you force me to do unprotected sex, unprotected blow job, if you force me anal sex, if you cum your sperm on my face without my acceptance, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, hidden camera) that is RAPE. In this case, I will quickly dress and disappear WITHOUT refund at all. In the worst case, you are going to be reported to the conceirge as sexual assualter or be reported to the police!


Please remember it is Caprice who takes the control of a booking.


Caprice likes a little chat in case of a first rendezvous, for getting to know each other like going on a blind date :-) Caprice is cool about having a coffee at a cafe nearby. (Perhaps I may ask you to go to a cafe or a bar). But I don't insist if you don't want that of course. Discretion is the no. 1 priority


Ok, now everything will be straight forward all as set out above! As an independent escort, I can be flexible.

Therefore we can discuss. Feel relaxed to tell me what you want, about your emotions at that moment.


FYI, Caprice doesn't mind about you smoking, drinking, even your drug habit... unless you force me to do it. I do not want to be drunk during work. Im delicate. I have an obligation to maintain my body clean and healthy, therefore I do not want to be on the booze, on a bender at all.



When say goodbye


Caprice is not a clockwatcher, don't make alarm in advance. this is why she set the minimum encounter as up to 2hrs for relaxing as she prefers natural companionship like a real GF. So when she feels time went a lot, she may ask what time is it hun? or she will just check the watch. If you find the time was over more than 15min of original one, kindly pay her some tips for overtimed remuneration before say goodbye. That's gentleman thing.



After say goodbye


If you feel happy by her, feel free to text to her at anytime. You can express your feeling. Highly recommend to write a testimonial on this website.

Please be aware Caprice is free/out of reference. She wouldn't ask ref. from you from the beginning nor would do it in the future. Her duty is over after say goodbye. Therefore, please don't hassle her by asking ref., Do not make a mistake to present her as ref. for other provider.