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Nice border thanks1 Caprice sm

By caprice, Feb 8 2019 07:46AM

Dear guys

I know whether you will book me or not from your very first contact. How? I just know. Don't even think about playing me, fool me, wasting my time. Even if you have serious intention to book me, still haven't get my response, that means I don't like your manner, your way of talking, so I don't have interest to meeting you.

Hey, we never have seen each other yet, I am not your friend, not your servant, no duty to be kind to you if you bossy to me.

Minimum waste and maximum pleasure is my fundamental philosophy okay? I only response back if I am convinced about meeting with you. I save my energy and commited to sincere, honorable, loyal clients only.

By caprice, Jan 26 2019 10:59AM

This week I've listening vivaldi's aria often. It consoles my soul..

Maybe..people cannot understand me..I could not have sound sleeping in Singapore during 5 consecutive days and after off to here KL, I kept sleeping and one of the days I think i slept 12hrs..

And I do listening K-pop too! whenever I do work out at a gym. When I do makeup, streching..

But nothing to talk about K-pop..

Anyway I have been unbelievably tired sleepy and I feel better now. Today I ran at a gym.

KL here is quite hot, hotter than Singapore..just 1 temperature higher feels so hot.

Being hurt at online is also hurt, painful. During free from SNS this week was like a heaven to me.

And today finally I posted a tweet and noticed 1follower unfollowed me after that, a guy. Really..SNS is so wicked. I really wonder the brain of the founder.

Anyway I have vivaldi aria..so touching me..

By caprice, Jan 20 2019 03:37AM

I finally slept well last night in hotel at Kuala Lumpur after arrival. I have had stayed 5nights at one hotel in Singapore, international high end brand hotel. But unexpectedly, couldn't have sound sleeping. When I fall asleep was fine but the issue happened early in the morning like 5am, 6am, still, most ppl asleep but some are starting to get up, I could hear all the water sound they wash, flushing sound! It was super unbelivable and very much disturbed my sleeping. When i see watch, it was like 6am..So terrible soundproofing!

So started my day like that consecutive 5days, my body was very tired, unbelivably sensitive. Maybe I was unluck with that hotel. I have stayed that hotel name as Seoul, Taipei, Hongkong, KL, Paris..yeah..I think that's all..and yes, that hotel at Seoul, also the room experience was not recommendable, there was no blackout curtain! even it was a junior suite!

KL also disappointed about the service attitude. room was ok-it's very expensive hotel, room should be fine isn't it?

Paris hotel lovely.

The very best was at HK. Beautiful experience.

At singapore..to me..was terrible! really. Also there was some other issues of cleanliness which happened everyday! ex) stains at a towel, hair at a towel, hair(s) at room floor, hair found in the breakfast buffet.




I feel like I've been through a war...! The room assistant manager did couldn't do more apologized to me and offered me a spa but even that 90min massage couldn't lessen my tiredness.

I am extremely carefull fussy about hygine matter. When I entered into my room in KL, I have checked the bed sheets and towels, and 'also' found some dirts, stains. So I made it to be whole changed.

Yes I make my life in very tired way. But this is who I am. How can I fix me right? But I also try to be dumb, less sensitive. Hotels are apparently dirty come to think of it. If I wanna be completely live in a clean place, I should bring all the sheets and towels myself! haha.

I know who I am so I have no choice but only could stay at levles of hotel like fourseasons, grandhyatt, shangri-la, mandarin oriental etc.

That's why I have raised up my remuneration and it's inevitable.

By caprice, Jan 18 2019 03:56AM

I have one fortuneteller in Korea that I counsel time to time, sometimes we meet at Seoul, but mostly I am in offshore, I phone him and he tell me some supportive advise but very simply.

I am my own man, I am not talking about close acquaintance of me. It is just a story.

He is the man who advised me "go to overseas, leave this country"

He is the person who talk to me only positive, supportive, enchanting compliments only. But trust me he is the most naughty slang, abusive language user.

He said, I am a dragon, and big dragon. Money is always with me, follow me, my fortune is getting bigger and bigger. From age 30's~40's I am going to be a tycoon. Big fish on certain industry. I have a luck of man. Men gotta help me, support me. My face looking is like a dragon face, very noble. He said I shouldn't get fat cause I am a dragon.

So I really couldn't understand why so much Chinese are crazy about 'Dragon'? Because I am a dragon myself but I am not so crazy about myself in fact ;) I feel like I am 'still' a dragon which is stuck in the basement. My heart is still frozen given the reality of mine compare to my ideal life.

I feel extremely lonely whenever I go to sleep, I don't know why because it is the feeling not thinking. So I thought of why I am so lonely at night when i sleep? The answer is, in 2018 last year, I had an ordeal in some ways, somewhat got insomnia, but I prayed soon 2018 go away. And I meet 2019, now time to be more positive, cheer up but deep in my heart still i am afraid like, what if my life is still the same..as I expecting jumping up to the sky? what if...not.,?

So I am like a tied elephant, locked dragon.

Time to break the egg!