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Independent Travel Companion

Nice border thanks1 Caprice sm

By caprice, Nov 23 2018 09:25AM

For the record, I genuinely respcet all kinds of sexworkers and clients. Each has their own preference, taste which I do too. I understand short time session like 30min, 1hr because I once opened that menu too which was quite cool. It is quick and totally 'No Strings Attached' encounter. No need to talk a lot, not be bothered by lot of questions. Client also free from stress of talking and questions as long as sexually satisfied.

However I decided no longer do short time thing cause I want to do real girl friend experience with a client. Not just for mechanial banging. I have found my body is extremely sensitive and as a women before a provider, I need time to be ready for lie on the bed, to do intimacy. Personally, I found myself I will be comfortable both mind and body when I know about a client I am with now. Otherwise I don't feel completely ok...it makes me worry like what if this client harm me during this time or after? That is why I politely ask client's real info and screen discretely. And I am not a clock watcher, do people check time when they're with a lover? No. This is the reason I set up minimum as 2hrs. I don't want to be obsessed by time. If it is 1hr or 90min limited, I ought to set alarm and consider the time during the whole time, I hate thinking of time during sex!

Furthermore, this is totally about pleasing man emotionally not offering like nice food, commodity etc.

Is it easy to satisfy people? No, it ain't easy all the time. And especially for men, gentlemen, discerning gentleman. Men are more visaul creature although themselves could be simple. I know men judge all the time the women's appearance becaue that's who they are. So the matter is, as an escort, I gotta make men happy not only by sexually but also with intelligence. Sometimes my clients are admired by my broad knowledge of world economic status, literature, class music, movies, philosophy etc. However I would proudly say myself that I am more a considerate listener. I've got two ears :)

Lastly, this is not a service basis so I ain't too kind or accept easily for soliciting clients but rather be myself and willing to be a genuine girl friend during the arrangement. Therefore I can be confident, ton up, express my opinion. I believe clients who reach me not looking for a submissive girl for lusting but a true companion.

By caprice, Nov 11 2018 09:14AM

The title above is absolute truth in one's life. Being overseas quite a while, I got a bill that should be taken care of in my coutry, so I thought of back to my hometown..only for that. I expected some client's booking but things didn't go well. So I kept thinking what should I do and then I phoned to my family to assist me. I asked do me a favor and immediately willing to helped me out. Of course I sent fund for that. This is the family...not always sweet each other but always there whenever I need...I have one more story of my family saved me when i was in trouble but wouldn't spread down now.

To me, friend is only fellow in this industry, otherwise no more than just social acquaintance. Actually, I am afraid to be heard 'let's be friends each other' because normally clients use this saying for free benefit from me. The genuine friend no need to say that. Without friend my heart become like a desert..

Friends come and go back and forth in my life. They can be friendly to me sending a message everyday or they suddenly can disappear. Especially when they have a relationship then just disappear, I become sad, disappointed..but they come back after break up. At first it was difficult to forgive but i realised that's how it goes..maybe we have not so strong belief in each other but no one bring it to question. Maybe we just need each other...when we are in trouble......for venting out.

By caprice, Nov 7 2018 11:17AM

Im writing a post with listening 'la belle dame sans regrets' by sting's voice..with Bose speaker..I feel so elegant and happiness..so glad I met this beautiful song..

I've thought of writing about ordeal of escort life. Especially regarding touring escort. Copy from fellow's practial story which can be absolutely mine.

My fellow escort, she recently back to this industry and off to Europe for business. I concerned of her so often asked how's it going and..unfortunately wind up to hear negative stories often than happy one.

1. Unfriendly hotel reception

Hotel reception asked her to check out immediately once they found her receive a client. Not only her, the other lady checked in airbnb but kicked out in the middle of the night, right after the host found her online..

This is november Europe is quite cold now. And the poor lady was just kicked out suddenly the only reason they do sexwork..perhaps they/we must be more discrete or just can be spoken like 'unluck' but seems like many sexworkers kicked out by hotel..which is dreadful..what the hell is wrong with sexwork? do sex is perfectly alright in a hotel but sex work is unforgivable? But can't people be generous to give some time before brutally just kick out? In life, there is warning signs...seesm like today's world majority of people criminalize sexworkers. They insist sex is no problem but sex work is crime. I can see no logic in there.

Of course too obvious undiscrete naughty behaviour must be refrained for fine hotel atmosphere. There are honoroble sexworkers more than naughty girls I believe..

2. Ad sites

Backpage was terminated and suddenly was at a loss and i think Im still is where to go..suddenly all shredded..I had to spend couple of times more expense for Ad on some Ad sites. Truely I miss backpage..

The world overall is degenerated by the most powerful politician in the world..and the result of FOSTA&SESTA? In my opinion, sexwork industry is more booming in other different ways. See twitter or instagram..and sugarbaby seeking site..it's booming and seems very busy and thriving.

Hypocrisy! sexwork is crime but sugarbaby thing is ok?! this is called hypocrisy. We are living in the world of hypocrisy. Not surprising at all. But at least before, people just blinked their eye on sexworkers..hotel concierge or hotel manager..

Back to the point, the ad site fee is over the top especially in Europe. I have that money to spend but what im saying is it's too much to advertising! 350euro for upgraded ad..and majority of girls only charge below 350euro...that's so nonsense...How come our basic service fare can be lower than Ad fee? Even the other most popular site ask 20euro per day! PER DAY! but many poor sexworkers pay that! for living a life!

3. No shows, No deposit

No show makes sexworker furious. ruin the day. Deposit is truely a hot potato i can understand at client's end. However how could I fly to Europe from Asia without credit? Flight costs 2,500~3,000$ business returns. plus hotels, living costs overall it's 10,000$ and dare to fly 10,000miles without deposit? I did not bother to study hard to wasting my time and money, energy...it's really super dangerous go on tour without deposit or any credits.

4. Too low market rates

I lowered my rate for Europe, lowered more than I charge in here Bangkok. But i know it is still high. And seems like Europeans were shocked by my rate. Quite weird thing is, the european clients I meet at Aisa, they don't complain of my rate..

5.Too dangerous work atmosphere

My fellow sexworker once toured to another big city of France. After coarsely kicked out from a few hotels (the hotel reception just denied to check in her from the first when they checked her passport without explaning reason), she got an expensive hotel, received a client, that bugger brought out a knife and threatened her asking cash! She screamed and screamed as 'help me' but no one responsed. There utterly was janitor right outside of her room. But never wondered what was going on. Perhaps cause it was not a french? C'mon...

Very outrageous and shocking. As a sexworker plus a foreigner who non-EU, without proper visa, we are not brave enough to ask help to police because the consequense is so obvious that we'll gonna be interrogated, criminalized, arrested and be in jail, get rid of all money by police..

However does that mean that the girls like us should be leave in danger without proper protection? At that expensive hotel and no one's in hand?

My fellow had other outrageous robbery experience at her own flat. Disguised as proper client, but threaten her and robbed all her money. Even copper do that bullshit too.

6. Difficulty of credit/debit card payment for ad

My fellow and I had a difficulty to pay with our own visa/ master card for ad site payment. Wound uo to saw 'please check your bank that whether they allow to transter to company in EU' somthing like this..Some issued countries just recognise ad sites as dangerouse one so they do not willing to allow payment. Yes...all these phenomenom was caused by Mr. Trump! The police country USA made sexwork industry ruined world widely! We gotta bother ourselves to purchase prepaid card which is not so difficult but another pain in the arse!


By caprice, Oct 27 2018 11:13AM

Hey long time no see my blog! Blogging is kind of like a ritual to me. Something not funny, serious, uneasy but worth it, my own way of vent out in a civilized way. Don't beg someone else's empathy.

I am on the laptop and writing it now during laundry. These days I felt very dizzy, powerless, even fainted if i hang around outside. So I tried to steer clear of devices and focus on 'take care of myself' such as deep breath, drink enough water, consume decent food and some health product etc.

I would confess independent escort life could be quite lonely, isolated. Of course there is forum, twitter to share about but when I am genuinely, extremely lonely, I do not open it, I just cannot.

My worry is about the tour plan of Europe and still seems foggy. I have to do action for that business but I worried too much which caused myself dizzy like this.

Couple of days I kept sleeping, drinking, some light streching and slept agian. I also did checking whatsapp and twitter cause I didn't wanna be so isolated..

How..many 'minutes' I speak with people a day? not as a text but as talking. I bet it will be less than 30min. if i don't have a client that day.

I sometimes dial to friends, fellow sexworkers even to acquainted clients. In case something serious talking.

And I like talking more than texting. Of course duing texting, not suddenly :) Thesedays are people are rather afraid of ringing which I do same.

Anyway I started to take care of myself and love myself which I must actually..

After took long sleeping, I feel good blood circulation on my body.

Yesterday got an email from client at Paris and from that point, kind of back to business.

I searched flights and plan more detaily. such as Advertising..

In life, most things could be uneasy but especially tour to Europe from Asia can be tougher.

and..it is winter. The strong wind at Paris stabbing my skin..

Tonight I booked 90min massage for myself. and then gonna eat nice dinner that i bought from a big market.

Everyday I appreciate to God, Universe whatever you name it that I could stay in this city of angel, Bangkok.